(updated on February 4, 2013, 20:28h)

On Wednesday, January 30, 2013, reports surfaced which seemed to suggest that Israel attacked Syria twice from the air. First it would have struck a convoy of weapons that was heading to Lebanon, supposedly to Hezbollah (1), and according to another source it would have hit a research center at Jamraya in Damascus countryside (2). 

What has happened here? Later it turned out that there was only one strike, but the sources differ on what was hit by the Israeli airforce: that convoy or a military research center.

According to a source mentioned in the Jerusalem Post (1), the airstrike was aimed at a convoy:

"A source among rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad said an air strike around dawn (0430 GMT) blasted a convoy on a mountain track about 5 kilometers (3 miles) south of where the main Damascus-Beirut highway crosses the border. Its load probably included high-tech anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles. "It attacked trucks carrying sophisticated weapons from the regime to Hezbollah," the source said, adding that it took place inside Syria, though the border is poorly defined in the area."
At about the same time the Syrian news agency, SANA (2) reported an attack on a Research Center at Jamraya, denying the allegations that there would have been an attack on a convoy with weapons. Claiming that a building was destroyed: 

"The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces said that Israeli warplanes violated Syrian airspace on Wednesday dawn and bombarded directly a scientific research center responsible for raising the levels of resistance and self-defense in Jamraya area in Damascus Countryside. In a statement, the General Command that this attack came after Israel and other countries that oppose the Syrian people utilized their pawns in Syria to attack select vital and military locations in an attempt to undermine Syria's support for the resistance and just rights in the region, with these pawns succeeding and failing to strike at sites such as air defense systems over a period of almost two years.

The statement said that Israeli warplanes snuck from the north of Al-Sheikh Mountain, flying at a low altitude and below radars, heading to Jamraya in Damascus Countryside where a branch of a scientific research center is located and bombarded the location before sneaking away. The aggression resulted in considerable material damages and destruction to the building, in addition to a vehicular development center and a garage, martyring two workers and injuring five others.

The statement stressed that the allegations of some media outlets that the Israeli warplanes targeted a convoy headed from Syria to Lebanon are baseless, with the General Command affirming that the Israeli warplane targeted a scientific research facility in blatant violation of Syrian sovereignty and airspace"

What would have really happened here? Was it a convoy of weapons heading to Hezbollah in Lebanon, or was it indeed a Research Facility in Jamraya? The best evidence seems to be the remains of the building that would have been bombed by the Israelis. A convoy clearly is not a building. Whether it was a convoy or a Research Center, Israel clearly violated Syria's airspace, and Hala Jaber, working for the Sunday Times sure agrees with me.


In the report on Sana you can read that the FSA-gangs have tried to get their hold on the facility but have failed. It seems that now Israel has decided to no longer wait on these gangs to do their job and strike at the research center themselves. Amani_Lebanon puts it aptly in a tweet from Lebanon:

Also see the report on this issue by RT (3). On January 31, 2013 Morris uploaded a video in which he expressed his thoughts on this brazen act of war by Israel and Russia's strong critique on this violation of a souvereign country (5).


RT added an interview with RT's correspondent Paula Slier. Israel's strike would have been the first strike on a foreign country, not in response to military action.

In that article from RT from January 31, 2013, we can read about the assassinations that were carried out by the FSA-gangs to kill scientists involved with the military development program of Syria. Dr. Ali Mohamad, editor-in0chief of the Syria Tribune news website says: 
“Let’s remember that the Syrian official who was responsible for all military research projects has been assassinated in Damascus by the rebels,” he said. “Let’s also remember that the person who orchestrated the Syrian long-range missile project colonel Dawoud Rajiha was also assassinated in Damascus. This is about stopping the Syrian scientific military research projects and is about breaking the link that will help [Israel] overcome the Lebanese resistance and the Palestinian resistance.”  (4)
Not only Russia condemned Israel's attack on Syria, but also Iran, Lebanon and the Arab League. On Thursday January 31, 2013, they stated (6): 

"The Arab League (AL) condemned as "an outrageous aggression" the Israeli enemy's violation of the Syrian airspace and shelling a scientific research center in Jamraya area in Damascus Countryside on Wednesday, which killed and injured a number of citizens and caused huge damage in the site. In a press statement issued on Thursday, the AL General Secretariat denounced the Israeli aggression on Syria as "a blatant violation of the territories and sovereignty of an Arab country and a transgression against the UN charter, the international law rules, the international conventions and the Security Council's relevant resolutions."

The statement called on the international community to shoulder its responsibility for curbing the Israeli persistent aggressions against the Arab countries. The statement stressed that the silence of the international community towards the Israeli shelling of sites in Syria in the past has encouraged it to commit its new aggression."

Perhaps I missed the condemnations by European countries, but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't condemn it all, saying that Israel has the right to defend themselves by bombing other countries whenever they see fit. Iran and Syria would have threatened Israel with some kind of retaliation for this aggression (7).

Below is a news bulletin by the Syrian Free Press in the evening of January 31, 2013:


On February 1, 2013, it was indeed William Hague who said that the UK doesn't denounce the Israeli aggression on Syria's soil. It is a mere reaction to the Syria crisis, he told the BBC (8). Ali Akbar Salehi, the Iranian minister of Foreign affairs stated that Israel seems to be above the law:

“A serious reaction should be shown to the event. We should be very cautious about the regime’s dirty goals in the region because the Zionist regime [of Israel] does not move within the framework of humanity, wisdom and international regulations,” Salehi said on Thursday."  (9) 

On February 3, 2013, RT showed footage of both cars and a building that were destroyed by the Israeli airforce (10). Ehud Barak, the Minister of War admitted that Israel attacked Syria. Take a look at the video below:
Sunday 3rd, and Monday 4th of February gave us the rather awkward condemnations by Turkey and Saudi Arabia against Israel's violation of the Syrian territory. Read more about in at the Iraans-en-Syrisch Nieuws and push the translate button on the right.