Despite the reports of British Apache helicopters that were to be introduced to heat up the conflict in Libya, various British MP's seem to protest against such an escalation. Here's a quote from the Guardian, May 24, 2011:
 Others MPs said the Nato mission was now designed to overthrow Gaddafi.

David Winnick (see image), Labour MP for Walsall North, said: "Despite denials, UN security council resolution 1973 is in fact being used for regime change. Regime change is totally outside international law."

John Barron, the Conservative MP for Basildon and Billericay, said: "Whether or not we deploy Apache helicopters, the fact that a key Nato ally has [done so] represents a significant escalation in this conflict and reinforces the point that regime change has been the aim of our intervention." (

UPDATE MAY 27, 2011: Warlord Cameron has agreed on sending four Apache Attack Helicopters to Libya (see BBC)