That combination of Colors reminds me of something
That combination of Colors reminds me of something

For those who want to make the world a better place, there are various paths to travel. If you take a look at the articles on World Mathaba you can get an idea of quite a few possible roads to take. One route is to inform people about the way we are being fooled and manipulated: explain to people how the media are being used to make you think in a certain direction and to stop you from knowing the real truth. The geo-political dynamics have our strong interest, with special attention to the western/arab propagandamachine regarding countries like Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Ecuador, Iran and all those who oppose the western control of power.

But World Mathaba (WM) doesn't stop there. Not only does WM pay attention to geo-political and corporate matters, they also provide articles that might stimulate the reader to think about their own role. What can we do ourselves to make a change? This doesn't really mean that we should all climb the barricades and organize sit-inn's at embassies, but that we might change something about the way we relate to other people in our 'local universe' and how we deal with ourselves. 

This current initiative that I have coined 'The Database of Joy' is an attempt to make the reader more aware of the beauty and the joy that surrounds us every day, if we were only willing to see it. A way to train our minds and hearts to recognize these free gifts of joy and beauty is to store these moments. Since most of us carry a (smart) cell phone these days, it is easy to make a note, a picture or a short voice recording of something joyful or beautiful that caught your attention. And when you get home, you log in to World Mathaba and you share that moment of joy with all those who visit this site by describing that moment in a comment on this article.

It is no secret that when people are happy or in a state of joy, the mind works far better than the mind of someone who is stressed out, worried or in fear. And the more happy people we have in a country, the happier the country becomes as a whole!

As far as I'm concerned these moments of joy can be aroused by the smallest things, like a friendly smile by someone in a super market, or the beautiful way the sun shines on a particular number of trees, or the joy you can feel when someone you like sends you a friendly email, or gives you a call.

When I looked out of my window this morning I was thinking about this 'database of joy' and I suddenly noticed the colors of these three cars parked on the side of the road: red, white and black. Red, white and black! These are the colors of the proud Syrian flag (without the green stars that is...), which made me grin.

Another joyful event today occurred while I was having a shower. I still use old-fashioned soap bars since I think they produce less plastic waste. This morning I wanted to grab that piece of soap but I let it slip out of my hands, but the soap bar flew upwards, so I tried to grab it again, and again it jumped out of my hands, and again, until it finally fell on the floor. When I bowed down to pick it up, I smiled and thought: "This sure is worth another entry for the database of joy!" 

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