As if we haven't had enough media lies on Libya, there was a ridiculously blatant one, that even the most ardent ''NATO-is-the-best-thing-we've-ever-had'' believer cannot deny (1).

I guess it is difficult to present cheering crowds from Tripoli, perhaps because all the dead people are not yet carried from the scene, and the fighting is still going on. It wouldn't look so nice for the believers in Europe and the United States who still hang on to the created ''reality'' that NATO only intervened to help and protect civilians.

Most lies are not so stupid as this one. You would need to pay a bit more attention to read through the bigger lies. Here are a few recent links that you could try about what has happened and might still be happening in Libya.

You should listen to a recent interview with Webster Tarpley on August 23, 2011 in which he clearly explains many media-lies at (2). Now it has also been admitted that there were indeed western ground troops participating in the heinous attacks on the peaceful city of Tripoli by the Guardian (3).

Perhaps Tripoli still did not fall and are we witnessing a major propaganda war to make us believe that Tripoli would fall  ''within hours, not days'' as Tony Cartalucci ironically says in his recent entry on his blog (4). Tony Cartalucci is the man whose twitter account was suspended because he was too critical on NATO's all-out war against everyone who opposed their Rebel-puppets (5). For all those who don't believe anything of NATO's Propaganda machine I would advise to follow this man very closely.

Finian Cunningham has also written an excellent article (6) on the site of Global Research called ''Killing the Truth: Western Mainstream Media Complicit in NATO War Crimes in Libya" which contains critical excerpts like the one below:

However, in the case of Libya, the word "war" has been dropped altogether from all discourse about Western intervention. It’s called a "responsibility to protect civilians lives". This disarticulated language and meaning is repeated even though the factual truth of what is happening is an exact conformation to the word "war". And not only "war" but "criminal war". The murder of civilians by NATO warplanes is a war crime in the normal framework of fact, truth, reality, law and morality. But in the abnormal, hideous framework of Western imperialist propaganda it is called "protecting civilians" and "supporting democracy". (6)

UPDATE September 7, 2011: Here's a correspondence on the BBC-broadcast (7)