The morning of August 23, 2011 started with exciting NATO-unfriendly news. The entry within Tripoli might have coincided with a major media disinformation campaign. I don't know what is true, but I would like to present you the arguments that we might - once again - be under an avalanche of media lies.

Let's start off with a video that is spread through youtube, in which Saif Al-Islam speaks about Rebels having fallen into a trap in Tripoli. He actually says that their backbone was already broken. The video can be seen below (1):

Near the end of this video he says that he is heading for the Rixos hotel to speak to the international journalists. That did indeed happen as you can read in a report by Reuters (2).

Below is a report by Leonor on the recent developments, in which she talks about Gaddafi who would have allowed the Rebels to enter the city of Tripoli, to prevent Tripoli from burning. As soon as the Rebels are within the city NATO will have a hard time protecting their infantery Rebels, and they would be trapped (3). Watch it yourself and we'll see whether this turns out to be true or not:

There is another report (4) that claims that the video footage that was used was not really from Tripoli at all, with images of mistakes that would have been made in faking the surroundings of Tripoli.

There is a Dutch blog with great NATO-unfriendly contributions and videos: be sure to watch it (5).

Thierry Meyssan, the founder of the critical Voltaire Network (6), who is now in Tripoli among the journalists in Rixos hotel has claimed (as has Mahdi Nazemroaya) that there are American secret agents who act as if they are journalists, to twist the information on Libya. Both Meyssan and Nazemroaya  feel threatened by their presence (7).

Although I have been able to mirror dozens of Russia Today videos, it was blocked for obscure reasons (8). Of course they cannot block Russia Today from publishing their own videos.

Another video (10) expressing the possible imminent defeat of NATO and their Rebel Infantery was published on August 23. Take a look at that one:

Another telling video with an interview with Webster Tarpley can be found on Prison Planet's channel (10). Many NATO-unfriendly interesting updates on the situation in Tripoli can be read at (11). For the German readers I would suggest the article ''Libien hat NATO-grossangriffs erfolgreich abgewehrt" (12).

I guess the only thing that can stop NATO is footage of the presence of hundreds of thousands of people waving green flags in the city of Tripoli. Then the leaders of the NATO-nations can no longer hide their lies of protecting civilians.

(1) (Speech by Saif Al-Islam)