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The Racists of Misrata Treat Tawerghan People like Animals in Zoo

Posted by W. Aterput on Sunday, February 26, 2012, In : Libya 
While the Gulf States and the Western World is trying to destabilize Syria and Iran in order to ruin those countries just like they have ruined Libya, occasionally some videos pop up which details how bad things have become in that once proud nation, the Jewel of Africa.

Here's a video of 'Allah-u-akhbar' shouting people in Misrata humiliating black Tawergha people in a zoo. They are forced to eat the green flag of the Jamahiriya, and they are treated as if they are not human, but some kind o...
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Amnesty International and Avaaz Support Escalation of Violence in Syria

Posted by Waterput on Sunday, February 12, 2012, In : Syria 

Both Amnesty International (1) and Avaaz (2) are - probably unwittingly - supporting the escalation of violence in Syria. By starting petitions on internet they address their subscribers and promote the propaganda machine of the United States, Europe and the Gulf absolute Monarchies. Their message is that there is no need for dialogue. There is only one goal: regime change in Syria through violence.

Amnesty International's petition calls on Russia to put more pressure on Syria's government to ...
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