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Robert Gates intends to Use American Drones in Libya

Posted by Waterput on Thursday, April 21, 2011, In : Libya 
On Thursday April 21, 2011 we could read that our American friends are now speaking of introducing their fabolous, brave and unmanned armed drones - which have killed some 1400-2300 people in the region of Waziristan in Pakistan - in Libya as well.

And US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said the American military would use armed drones over Libya, calling them a "modest contribution" to the coalition's military campaign against Kadhafi.

"They give you a capability that even the A10 (anti-tan...

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Western Propaganda on Libya and the Demonization of Gaddafi

Posted by Waterput on Sunday, April 17, 2011, In : Libya 
Hi there Michele, it seems that the western propaganda has done a good job on your perspective on Gaddafi. Did you know that Libya is the best country in Africa to live in according to the Human Development Index? 

The US has shown again and again that it is a major manipulator of the media and it also has a terrible history in regards to supporting coups in all kinds of countries.

If you would only try to watch Russia Today instead of the western corporate propaganda news channels, you would g...

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