Both Amnesty International (1) and Avaaz (2) are - probably unwittingly - supporting the escalation of violence in Syria. By starting petitions on internet they address their subscribers and promote the propaganda machine of the United States, Europe and the Gulf absolute Monarchies. Their message is that there is no need for dialogue. There is only one goal: regime change in Syria through violence.

Amnesty International's petition calls on Russia to put more pressure on Syria's government to end the violence, whereas it doesn't mention the violence of the armed troops in Syria. On Friday the 10th of February it became clear for the world to see how the support of one party in a conflict helps to escalate the violence. The opposition killed at least 28 people, including a child that was playing at a nearby playground.  By supporting the opposition fighter groups Amnesty International says that it is OK to kill and bomb people and places in order to reach the so-called 'freedom and democracy' ideals.

The 'humanitarian aggression in Libya has led to the death of tens of thousands of people who wouldn't have been killed if NATO and Qatar hadn't intervened with their deadly strikes from the air for many months in a row. Amnesty International themselves have finally admitted that the situation in Libya is rather dire (3), but they apparently fail to draw the conclusion that they are themselves responsible as well for they were true supporters of the humanitarian massacre that was brought over Libya by the NATO war planes.

These arguments not only hold for Amnesty International, but they are true for the way Avaaz assists in creating more violence by demonizing the government and supporting regime change through violent backing by the west and the gulf station through arms deals, money, economic warfare and the withdrawal of ambassadors.