Saudi Arabia, the big oil-friend of the Drone Empire (1,2) has bumped into a few problems themselves as far as the 'Arab Spring' is concerned. 

On November 21 there were reports about demonstrations taking place in the city of Qatif, near the Persian Gulf and near Bahrain. The Saudi Regime has militarily cracked down on the protesters in that country last spring (3).

According to reports by the Iranian press at least three people were killed in the protests in Qatif. They also report that civilians would have taken over a military vehicle from the Saudi army whose leading monarchy has ruled the country for ages (4,5). 

The US strongly supports this country which doesn't even allow their civilians to demonstrate. In a recent article by Pepe Escobar (6) you can get an idea of how strong the ties are between the House of Saud and the American Drone Empire. 

In that particular article Escobar talks about a collegue of his who was so brave to actually ask a serious question to one of the many Saudi Princes who was on a visit to Washington. Sam Husseini asked the following:

I want to know what legitimacy your regime has, sir. You come before us, representative of one of the most autocratic, misogynistic regimes on the face of the earth. Human Rights Watch and other reports of torture, detention of activists, you squelched the democratic uprising in Bahrain, you tried to overturn the democratic uprising in Egypt and indeed you continue to oppress your own people. What legitimacy does your regime have - other than billions of dollars and weapons? (7)
The Prince didn't answer the question and the next day this independent journalist was told that he was suspended as a member from the National Press Club. Apparently the United States of War doesn't want anyone to ask nasty questions on the legitimacy of the rulers in Saudi Arabia. 

 Democracy is fine as long as it serves the US, when it doesn't they simply look the other way and set up a coup d'etat in countries who are critical towards the US-Saudi-alliance, like Libya and Syria. 

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